XPEL PPF Service in Dubai and Riyadh

XPEL PPF Service in Dubai and Riyadh


Wolfline provides the Best PPF Service in Dubai and Riyadh. XPEL ULTIMATE FUSION is a premium transparent polyurethane film that sticks to itself and repels water. It is made to protect car paint and other surfaces from stone chips and wear and tear. With enhanced hydrophobic properties, this high-performance film has a glossy finish that repels water and gives an easy-to-maintain, crystal-clear surface. Because the hydrophobic clear coat is strengthened with unique elastomeric polymers, it may self-heal small scratches over time and require less regular polishing to keep looking brand new. With its outstanding ultra-clear acrylic adhesive, XPEL ULTIMATE FUSION adheres to a variety of surfaces exceptionally well and doesn’t break down easily during installation. This high-performance adhesive has been meticulously designed to avert delamination and guarantee that it removes from the paint without causing any harm or residue. Experience the best quality PPF Service in Dubai and Riyadh from Wolfline.


ULTIMATE PLUS is a fantastic way to protect the outside of your car. With only a little heat treatment, its elastomeric polyurethane heat-activated self-healing topcoat fixes minor dings and swirl marks with ease, keeping your automobile looking brand new. The ability of ULTIMATE PLUS to withstand UV-induced yellowing, which keeps the protected regions almost undetectable, is what sets it apart from the competition. Additionally resistant to stains and discolorations from impurities, this novel film maintains its clarity under difficult lighting situations. Beyond just improving the appearance of your car, ULTIMATE PLUS serves as a strong defence against dings and scratches, rock chips, and nicks. The worries regarding lifting and delamination vanish with the application of Edge Seal Technology. This unique feature makes sure the film stays firmly in place and protects the surfaces of your car from possible impurities. If you want unmatched protection and a long-lasting, showroom-quality finish, go with ULTIMATE PLUS. Experience Wolfline’s top-notch PPF service in Riyadh and Dubai.


Experience the opulent satin feel of your car’s finish thanks to our remarkable STEALTHTM self-healing protection. STEALTHTM ensures that your car’s distinctive paint, whether it’s matte, magno, frozen, or frosted, stays impeccably flawless. This creative fix adds refinement and protects your paint at the same time. It offers a transforming experience that lets you embrace a whole new look while keeping the gloss paint’s sheen. Your car maintains its original, faultless appeal with STEALTHTM, giving it a timeless charm that is impervious to flaws. Get the best of both worlds with this personalised look that showcases your own flair and exceptional protection.

Signature Features

Prevents Wear & Tear


Edge Seal Technology

Discoloration & Stain Resistant

Heat Activated Self-Healing Topcoat


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