Ceramic Coating service in Dubai and Riyadh

GYEON Ceramic Coating

From Wolfline, you can experience the best Ceramic Coating service in Dubai and Riyadh. GYEON Ceramic Coating is a type of protective coating applied to a vehicle’s exterior surfaces, primarily the paint. It’s formulated using advanced ceramic nanoparticles that create a durable layer on the paint, providing protection against various environmental contaminants.

As an improved version of Q³ Mohs, its prior ceramic coating, GYEON unveiled Q³ Mohs EVO. Q² Mohs EVO is a cutting-edge ceramic coating designed to give vehicle paint surfaces exceptional protection and longevity.

Ceramic Coating service in Dubai and Riyadh

Significant Features

  • The hardest coating widely available

  • Extremely high gloss

  • Chemical protection

  • UV protection

  • At least 5 years

  • 3 layer coating

  • Easy application

Q² Mohs EVO Benefits

Ceramic Coating service in Dubai and Riyadh

Fluoro-Modified Polysilazane

What is meant by that? Let's be precise. This is how car paint coatings are actually progressing. not an infusion or addition. Not a cloud of dust in your bottle of coating. GYEON is a company that has refined and tested chemistry. Fluorine is not "in" the polysilazane automobile coating. In order to significantly improve the polysilazane's usability and performance, fluorine is added at the precursor stage.

Ceramic Coating service in Dubai

Smooth and Silky Feel

Although touching polished paint is never advised, Q² Mohs EVO polysilazane automobile coating has a unique sensation. The finish is incredibly slippery to the touch, reducing swirl marks while washing. It is extremely soft and velvety to the touch. The coating is extremely repellent, which contributes to its remarkable water-beading and self-cleaning qualities.

Ceramic Coating service in Riyadh

Consumption & Pro Tips

It is a pleasure to work with Q² MOHS EVO. Silky smooth application because of the advanced chemistry. It is also an easy technique to remove. Apply a single, thick layer, then quickly wipe it off. For extreme protection, purchase the 50 ml bottle of Q² Mohs and use the remaining amount on your wheels. .
CONSUMPTION: 15-25ml/car


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